Samstag 16.08.
16:00 Uhr

Large closing picnic

For the final Osthang Project weekend the Darmstadt group of the Association of German Architects (BDA) will organize a picnic at Rosenhöhe Park.

14:00 Uhr

ASRM: Symposium

At this Osthang Project symposium the results of the workshop will be reflected on and discussed, with the participation of the four cities involved.

Freitag 15.08.
19:30 Uhr

OPEN SPACE: Konnex Night

The 'Konnex Workshop' with Jorge Sánchez-Chiong, media artist Thomas Wagensommerer, saxophonist Lars Mlekusch and the electronic musician, composer and DJ Peter Votava alias Pure.

Mittwoch 13.08.
20:00 Uhr

OPEN SPACE: Forest Art Wednesday Forum

For three weeks, 17 international artists will address biotopes as the living environment of animals, plants, people and artists, and will set up their 'Art Biotopes' along the 2.6-kilometer forest ar

Dienstag 12.08.
18:00 Uhr


With a display window devoted to design trends since 1945, INTEF, itself resident at Mathildenhöhe for over 50 years, intends to forge a link in the Osthang Project with the artists’ colony.

Montag 11.08.
18:00 Uhr

ASRM: a Region in Flux

Under the heading «A Region in Flux», this is a source of new ideas for getting the region to grow together. The ideas are due to take shape in the RhineMain Summer of Architecture 2015. I

Sonntag 10.08.
10:00 Uhr

OPEN SPACE: Africa in Darmstadt

With OPEN SPACE a project of the Darmstadt Summer Course will be transferred to the Osthang. Today: African guest artists of Akademie Schloss Solitude.

Samstag 09.08.
14:00 Uhr


In the fourth and last part of the Future Workshop we get down to brass tacks: proposals will be formulated in detail and organizational questions addressed.

13:00 Uhr

Open Day

Time for talks, discussions, presentations – for all those unprojectable initiatives that might arise out of nine days of living and thinking together.

Freitag 08.08.
13:00 Uhr

Everything for Everyone and Yet There is no Planet B

This session of thinking together, hosted by New York based artists Ayreen Anastas and Rene Gabri, will focus on the multiple intersections between art practices, politics and education.

Donnerstag 07.08.
13:00 Uhr

Life Of The Imagination

This session explores the potential for this political passage through an engagement with the works of contemporary thinkers of the ‘life of the imagination‘. Also, there's 'Lecture for Every One‘!

Mittwoch 06.08.
17:00 Uhr

Forest Art Path «Kunst Biotope»

The 'Biotope Grafts' will take place as part of the 7th International Forest Art Trail 'Art Biotope', and will be performed by the team of French guest artists Les Fujak.

13:00 Uhr

poetry and finance after the uprising

The separation of the general intellect from the social body and the internal fragmentation of the activity of the general intellect will become the subject of this day.

10:00 Uhr

Survival Skills

You are invited to take part in «Survival Skills» in the forests around the Mathildenhöhe in Darmstadt – for anyone who wants to learn about edible plants, building tree houses or hunting.

Dienstag 05.08.
13:00 Uhr

dialogues, contentions and thinking together: post-colonial experiences

Ranabir Samaddar will open a space of reflection and discussion around the notions of dialogue, contention, and thinking together in a post-colonial perspective.

Montag 04.08.
13:00 Uhr

mediated politics and politicized technologies

Activists organize and sustain themselves using ‘free‘ technical services provided by Fortune 500 companies. At the same time, ‘alternative tech practices‘ are sustained by a select few.

Sonntag 03.08.
13:00 Uhr

rethinking currency

Whether it is understood as a synonym for money, a term referring to any medium of exchange, or a notion pertaining to the circulatio in general: ‘currency‘ lies at the heart of organizing life.

Samstag 02.08.
15:00 Uhr

Culture as a state of emergency

A bunker built in the 1960s for a nuclear emergency is being stripped of its anonymity and during the RhineMain Summer of Architecture 2014 will serve as a cultural refuge.

13:00 Uhr

decoloniality and border thinking: perspectives on a pluricentric world

Decolonizing knowledge and learning to unlearn in order to relearn on other than modern/colonial grounds is the central task for border thinking.

Freitag 01.08.
13:00 Uhr

Neoliberal (Un)Reason: Politico-economic Ideologies of the Present 2/2

Since its theoretical formation in post-WWII economic circles 'neoliberalism' has been propagating to the point of today's ubiquity on a global scale.

Donnerstag 31.07.
13:00 Uhr

Thinking Together

As a temporary venue for exchanging experience and knowledge, the Osthang Project brings together people who, in theory and practice, address alternative 'co-existence' models.

13:00 Uhr

neoliberal (un)reason: politico-economic ideologies of the present 1/2

Since its theoretical formation in post-WWII economic circles 'neoliberalism' has been propagating to the point of today's ubiquity on a global scale.

10:00 Uhr

Political Therapy

«Political Therapy» is a one-to-one performative format that creates the conditions for intimate conversation and speculative thinking around political issues.

Mittwoch 30.07.
18:00 Uhr

Guest event hosted by Hessen Design e. V.: Who shapes the city?

Hessen Design e. V. has taken the Osthang Project as an incentive to continue its discussion series destined to illustrate innovative strategies in exploring and creating urban design processes.

Dienstag 29.07.
18:00 Uhr

Guest event by BDA Darmstadt: Klaus Selle (Aachen)

At the invitation by the BDA Darmstadt urban and spatial planner Klaus Selle will speak about civic participation in urban development.

Montag 28.07.
18:00 Uhr

CLUK Saloon

Cluster für Kreativwirtschaft Hessen (CLUK) is promoting a pilot project that is destined to serve as a role model for similar homes for the creative industry in Hessen.

10:00 Uhr


«Lecture For Every One» is not a show. It is an intruder, a gift, a pleasant or challenging virus spreading through the complex fabric of the city Darmstadt.

Samstag 26.07.
14:00 Uhr


«The Creative Process» In the third part of the four-part Futures Workshop, participants can give free reign to their wishes and imagination.

Freitag 25.07.
17:00 Uhr

Opening of the Osthang Project

Dignitaries from architecture, politics, and culture have been invited to the official opening ceremony, conducted by Lord Mayor Jochen Partsch.

09:00 Uhr


Participation and building in temporary communities creates the foundation for a new a culture of planning. The architects and planners also find themselves in the role of mediators.

Donnerstag 24.07.
09:00 Uhr

Symposium «The City as a Sphere for Action» 1/2

How can we generate sustainable change for our cities from this emancipatory movement in the future? The City as a Sphere for Action 1/2: New collective space, process based planning strategies.

Mittwoch 23.07.
20:00 Uhr

Citizens make the city

Students from the Dept. of Architecture at Hochschule Darmstadt (h_da) have invited some of Darmstadt's cooperatives to talk with them about the values and motivation.

Dienstag 22.07.
20:00 Uhr

«Urban Change Management – Participation and decision making»

In an urban salon, renowned corporate and political consultants and local protagonists will explore how to structure change in the urban context.

Montag 21.07.
19:00 Uhr

Osthang Dialog 5 – Dinner Talk

Studio Umschichten (Stuttgart) & m7red (Buenos Aires)
«Architecture as resistance / No trust, no city»
moderated by: Christian Gropper (Darmstadt)

Sonntag 20.07.
21:00 Uhr

film evening 2

This film evening is dedicated to a various compilation of short movies and documentaries which give an overview of alternative ways of 'living together'.

Samstag 19.07.
20:00 Uhr


Darmstadt citizens and summer school participants are invited to present their ideas and visions for Mathildenhöhe in short lectures.

15:00 Uhr

Public guided tours of the Osthang site

From July, 19 to August, 16 at the weekend as well as by agreement: public guided tours of the Osthang site.

14:00 Uhr


The second part of the four-part Futures Workshop highlights the standpoints and initial ideas of the locals, of local institutions and groups.

Freitag 18.07.
20:00 Uhr

Design & Build. Or: The role of the architect.

Peter Fattinger & Inari Virkkala about «Design & Build. Or: The role of the architect.», a guest lecture in English.

Donnerstag 17.07.
19:00 Uhr

Osthang Dialog 4 – Dinner Talk

collectif etc. (Straßburg), Martin Kaltwasser (Berlin) & EARLStreet (Darmstadt)
«Building the change»

Mittwoch 16.07.
17:00 Uhr

Book presentation « Tragen und Materialisieren – Wände, Decken, Fügungen»

In 2013, architects Kerstin Schultz and Alexander Reichel brought out the book entitled 'Tragen und Materialisieren – Wände, Decken, Fügungen' by renowned Swiss architecture publishers Birkhäuser.

Dienstag 15.07.
19:00 Uhr

Osthang Dialog 3 – Dinner Talk

orizzontale (Rome) & modulorbeat (Münster)
«Can one create a better city by individual objects?»

Montag 14.07.
21:00 Uhr

Film Evening 1

«EAMES – The Architect And The Painter» | Jason Cohn & Bill Jersey, USA 2011, 90 min. (in English)

Samstag 12.07.
19:00 Uhr

Osthang Dialog 2 – Dinner Talk

Atelier Bow-Wow (Tokio), ConstructLab (Paris/Berlin), Bollinger+Grohmann (Frankfurt/Main)
«Space Experiments/Behaviorology»

14:00 Uhr

Future Laboratory Mathildenhöhe 1/4

A framework is created for the forthcoming discussions within the Futures Workshop, the Mathildenhöhe as a whole is considered in keynotes.

Freitag 11.07.
19:00 Uhr

Osthang Project: Topping-out ceremony and kick-off event

The topping-out ceremony will be held on the Osthang five days after the start of the summer school and Gerhard Schweizer’s installation 'A stopping place on the road of becoming' will be presented.

Donnerstag 10.07.
19:00 Uhr

Osthang Dialog 1 – Dinner Talk

atelier le balto (Le Havre/Berlin) & Andre Dekker / Observatorium (Rotterdam)
«place and use»

14:00 Uhr

Thonet furniture building workshop for summer school participants

In its 'mobile wood-bending unit', Thonet will showcase its bentwood production techniques and help with construction of the chairs in the events hall.

Mittwoch 09.07.
19:00 Uhr

19th Darmstädter Musikgespräch

The directors of the three municipal music institutes – Wolfram Knauer, Cord Meijering and Thomas Schäfer – in conversation with Bremen-based author and curator Julia Bulk.

Dienstag 08.07.
20:00 Uhr

Introduction Osthang Project: Jan Liesegang (Berlin) & Berno Odo Polzer (Brussels)

Experimental building and think labs for future coexistence in a region: How can that stack up at a place like the Mathildenhöhe?

Montag 07.07.
10:00 Uhr

Experimental furniture making workshop for the participants of the Summer School

The 60 participants of the Summer School will design and build together with the tutors the furniture of the festival area.


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